Developing Business aligned Intellectual Property Strategies

in Intellectual Property Strategy

Do you have IP strategies that guide your actions? Are they aligned with the business strategy?
Our experience and research indicate that many companies that believe they have an IP strategy actually have policy statements that don’t effectively guide IP asset management programs actions and decisions. Alternatively, companies will interpret their patent area filing actions as an IP strategy. , which is more or less just a mindset about patent enforcement. On the other hand, there are others who relate IP strategy to their area filing approach. It certainly is a term that is overused and misunderstood by many. We believe it is imperative to develop coherent IP strategies that are clearly aligned with the business strategy, and that provides a roadmap for the ensuing IP tactics and actions. Furthermore, the IP strategy should be subordinate to the business strategy and reflect the current internal and external situation. IP strategies need to be measurable. Accordingly, we propose that you think of your IP strategies from these four perspectives: blocking, revenue, market appeal and access.

Contact us to learn more about a workshop we will host later this year, where we will provide the process and templates for developing world-class strategic IP asset management program with clear IP strategies that may be incorporated into your annual business strategy planning activity. Company-only workshops can be scheduled.
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