eLearning for Intellectual Assets and Intellectual Property

eLearning for Intellectual Assets

Corporate Intellectual Assets and Intellectual Property Training and Education Program (Online and Workshops)

Today's dynamic environment is one of accelerating change, dissolving boundaries, and expanding horizons. This, in turn, demands continuous learning, innovation, and value creation. By enabling intellectual property knowledge, support, and intangible asset thinking, ipPerformance Group helps organizations transform these challenges into immediate and future opportunities.

ipPerformance Group offers unique, interactive workshops and online eLearning training courses on intellectual property and intellectual assets to help professionals develop the skills they need to create, manage and monetize intellectual assets resulting in corporate growth opportunities. .

We offer intellectual property educational workshops in Using IP for Marketing Advantage, Developing Business Aligned IP Strategies, and Establishing Corporate IP Performance Metrics. All workshops and courses can be customized for an on-site learning experience in foresight and innovations.

Intellectual Assets/Intellectual Property Primer: An Induction Course to Intellectual Assets and Company Policies

The purpose of this course is to clarify the different types of intellectual property and technology-related intellectual assets the corporation creates, so that all employees will understand the importance of handling and protecting them. This includes defining the underlying principles behind intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets) and intellectual assets.

Invention Disclosure and Patent Procurement Procedures: Patent Process Overview
This course introduces the R&D (Developers,Engineers,Scientists) and manufacturing personnel to the business processes by which the COMPANY assures its technical developments are appropriately protected and that IP-related risks are sufficiently managed (and that it has the freedom to operate its business). Students will learn about the key review processes, including Invention Disclosure Submission, Review Process, and Patent Procurement.

Basic IP Issues for Commercial Relationships: When are agreements needed?
Students will learn about under what circumstances agreements should be established and the process to create such agreements. This course explores types of proprietary information, emphasizes the need for secrecy and describes the typical agreement.

Introduction to IP Licensing: To License or Not to License
Students will learn about the circumstances that dictate why you should and should not license from both the licensor's and licensee's viewpoint. Additionally, this course explores assertive-based licensing.

Inventor Lab Research Notebook Procedures
This course discusses research lab notebooks in terms of their purpose, what they are, formatting, content, and responsibilities.

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