Active Intellectual Property Benchmarks

Best Practices Benchmarking

Intellectual Property Best Practices Benchmark Studies 

The intellectual property benchmark studies below are part of our ongoing best practices research. Enabling companies to assess peer companies for strategy, organization, processes and practices, performance metrics, expenses and software systems. Benefits of Participating:
By participating in one of the following surveys, you will receive:
– Free copy of the summary results
– Significant discounts on the full and detailed reports including industry and custom analysis
– One-on-one support to interpret survey results

Active Benchmark Survey(s)

IP Department Budget Management Practices
The purpose of this best practices study is to learn how intellectual property driven companies prepare and manage their IP department budget with accuracy.
– Methods to achieve budget accuracy
– Key participants
– Budgeting items and categories
– Influences and challenges
– Software tools and control options
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International Inventor Rewards and Recognition Programs
Learn how your peer companies motivate their inventors. We are asking you to answer a series of brief questions about:
– Financial and non-financial awards
– Remuneration Frameworks
– Program management
– Program performance and improvements
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Intellectual Property Program Best Practices Self Assessment

ipCapabilities Assessment is a quick and easy intellectual property program best practices assessment.
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