Conduct an Intellectual Property Strategies Framework Workshop
We helped this company develop a defined IP plan, which led to a stronger patent portfolio and gains in business revenue and profits.

Intellectual Property Management Program and Legal Department Review, Practices, Metrics, and Technology
We helped this company reduce their patent procurement backlog to almost zero and accelerate their inventions idea submissions.

Review and Recommendations for Intellectual Property Department Business Aligned Performance Measures
We helped this company put procedures in place that decreased unwarranted patent applications and increased their patent quality, increasing the current and future business value of their patents.

Standardize and Implement Standard Operating Procedures and Policies for Intellectual Property Asset Management
We helped this company increase inventor participation in the patent process by a whopping 200% and at the same time increase support from leadership and middle management and increase the ability of the IP stakeholders to acquire needed information easily.

Evaluate Trademark Management Practices in Multinational Brand-Driven Companies
We helped this company educate top management as well as improve business responsiveness and add performance measures to their IP program.

Evaluate Effectiveness of Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program
Evaluate effectiveness of the company inventor rewards and recognition program using benchmark data.

Identify Intellectual Property Assets for License
Identify intellectual property assets for license and monetization.

Strategic Review, Reorganization and Redefinition of Intellectual Property Attorney Roles
Leading high-technology company.

Strategic Review of Patent Portfolios
We helped this company speed up entry into licensing negotiations for best targets and achieve favorable royalty rates.

Patent Law Department Operations Review Attorney and Legal Administration
We helped this company reduce costs while at the same time developing faster decision making and a stronger patent portfolio.

Benchmark leading IT Services Companies Patent Protection Practices
Our comprehensive report allowed this company to educate top management as well as improve their patent protection procedures and practices across the board.

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