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Project: Intellectual Property Management Program and Legal Department Review, Practices, Metrics, and Technology
Client: International Industrial Manufacturing Company

We helped this company reduce their patent procurement backlog to almost zero and accelerate their inventions idea submissions.

Summary: The chief IP counsel (CIPC) engaged ipPerformance to review the company’s global IP practices, which included intellectual property asset management and legal operations, to determine how it could achieve functional excellence. We evaluated organizational structure, process efficiencies, performance metrics, and software systems at multiple locations.

ipPerformance provided a comprehensive review and recommendations that included process flow maps, operational improvement opportunities (immediate-impact and long-term), a best-practices project road map, operational and strategic metrics, industry benchmark comparisons, and practices competency analysis.
Our guidance and recommendations led to significant reductions in the company’s patent filing backlog, elimination of patent procurement of unwarranted cases, restructuring of the patent department, and assignment of patent attorneys to improve client services, eliminate redundant activities, improve business leadership support, and increase and accelerate invention submissions.

Project: Review and Recommendations for Intellectual Property Department Business-Aligned Performance Measures
Client: International Consumer Packaged Goods Company Summary: ipPerformance worked with the chief patent counsel, patent lawyers, business leaders, the chief technology officer, and R&D management to establish performance measures that track the impact of patents on revenue and profits in each business unit.
We also adapted the ipPerformance invention value tool to score invention submissions and guide patent protection decisions, improving patent filing decisions and reducing unnecessary patent filings.

The changes led to improvements in management’s understanding of the value of the patent program, and of the strategic alignment of patent decisions and patent portfolios, which now better support the business strategy and align more closely with growth areas.
Project: Patent Law Department Operations Review – Attorney and Legal Administration
Client: International Consumer Electronics Company Summary: ipPerformance worked with a business leader and a senior patent attorney to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the patent department’s work processes and staffing (intake and administration process and interface with outside counsel) to identify organizational improvements. This included assessments of attorney and administrative workloads and duties, and relationships with business group and R&D leadership, development teams, and law firms.

The company implemented enhancements to its patent procurement administration that dramatically reduced manual activity, streamlined processes, and balanced workloads. These changes provided significant workflow efficiencies and enabled increased workloads with existing staff. The company also established practices that helped senior attorneys improve their efficiency, giving them more time to work closely with business and R&D leaders.

Standardize and Implement Standard Operating Procedures and Policies for Intellectual Property Asset Managements
Client: Global Automotive Company Summary: ipPerformance worked with the IP leader to establish documented and standardized intellectual property policies and procedures corporate-wide. We provided the organization with our online intellectual property knowledge system, IP Center of Excellence, which is available throughout the enterprise.

The IP Center of Excellence includes step-by-step procedures for all key IP activities, procedure policies, standard forms, key activity contacts, an IP management charter, an IP training curriculum, and an inventor reward and recognition program (procedures and benefits).

Deployment of this system led to a 200% increase in invention disclosure submissions. In addition to greater inventor support and participation, it enables improved company stakeholder understanding of intellectual property procedures and business value, resulting in greater business support and advocacy.

Project: Conduct an Intellectual Property Strategies Framework Workshop
Client – A Large Multinational Chemicals Company Summary: ipPerformance provided the chief IP counsel (CIPC) and senior team with the One-Page IP strategies framework, which included step-by-step procedures, planning templates, and plan roles and responsibilities. We conducted a customized on-site workshop to teach IP attorneys and business and technology leaders how to implement and integrate IP strategies with the company’s annual business strategy planning process.

Additionally, IP stakeholders were taught about tools and methods for evaluating and organizing internal and external patent landscapes that can assist them to identify acquisition and partnering targets, competitive intelligence, and potential risks.

As a result of company implementation of our intellectual property strategy framework, patent filings are more targeted, portfolio business value has increased, and proactive technology partner identification strategies were executed that reduced R&D costs, speed to market, and risk.

Project: Evaluate Trademark Management Practices in Multinational Brand Driven Companies
Client: Large Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Summary: ipPerformance conducted a comprehensive trademark management benchmark of seven leading multinational brand-driven companies with large trademark portfolios. The objective of the study was to identify best practices for strategy development and decisions, licensing considerations and management approach, professional and support staffing, portfolio management, software systems, training, infringement and anti-counterfeiting monitoring, dispute and enforcement, client support, and personnel roles and responsibilities. ipPerformance provided a compilation of feedback, best practices, and key themes from trademark management leaders.

The benchmark results included a gap analysis as well as articulating best practices for managing a world-class trademark program. It allowed the company to identify deficiencies vs. established and reputable companies. This led to: restructuring organizational responsibilities in a way that improved alignment and responsiveness; improving workflow to gain process efficiencies; and adding performance measures to track business unit costs and trademark value. The report was essential to educate and gain support and advocacy from top management to commence changes.

Project: Benchmark leading IT Services Companies Patent Protection Practices
Client: Large Global Information Technology Services Company Summary: ipPerformance conducted a comprehensive benchmark of nine reputable information technology companies with global operations to identify best patent protection practices. The investigation evaluated patent protection strategies, infringement detection and escalation, outside counsel management, professional and support staffing, portfolio management, software systems, training, disputes and enforcement, outside counsel management, and inventor reward programs. ipPerformance provided a compilation of the feedback and key themes from patent management leaders that included a gap analysis with best practices identified.

The gap analysis was used as a tool to educate and gain support from top management to implement best practices changes. These changes resulted in a multitude of initiatives and results, including increased business and inventor support and lowered costs. At the same time, they were able to strengthen their patent portfolio and align it with business growth strategy. And they reduced costs through better outside counsel management.

Project: Evaluate Effectiveness of Inventor Reward and Recognition Program
Client: Large Global Chemicals Company Summary: ipPerformance conducted a review of inventor motivation program and their understanding of company’s intellectual property program. The purpose was to identify improvements that would enable the company to improve the number of valuable invention disclosures and increase the number of new inventors submitting ideas.
Changes implemented based on this project yielded significant improvements in such areas as high-value submissions and speedier review processes.

Project: Monetize Portfolio- Identify Intellectual Property Assets For Licensing
Client: Global High Technology Company Summary: Summary ipPerformance conducted a review of the company’s patent portfolio to identify the best IP assets for monetization (i.e. licensing, cross-licensing, assertion or other form of value extraction) and countering disputes (claims). The company’s patent and trade secret portfolio was organized into a database that reflected patent value, use classifications, and technology taxonomies.

The analysis provided a list of top patent license opportunities with an estimate of the licensing opportunity magnitude and potential targets as well as assets that were used to counter disputes and negotiate cross-licenses that reduced licensing costs and mitigated litigation financial exposure. The database enabled company leadership to understand how the portfolio supported the business, licensable assets, and gaps and potential risks.

The company realized IP contributions of millions of dollars of value in the following three years with new products and technology, better M&A deals to achieve global penetration, and monetizing patent portfolio.

Project: Strategic Review, Reorganization and Redefinition of Intellectual Property Attorney Roles
Client: Leading High Technology Software Company Summary: ipPerformance worked with the intellectual property vice president and her legal team to conduct a strategic review of organizational performance, capabilities, and infrastructure.
Using the ipPerformance intellectual property program competency analysis, we identified areas where the company outperformed and underperformed against peer companies. This gap analysis was used to correlate to performance measures variances. In addition to the improvement action plan that was developed to improve internal practices, the legal team used analysis insights to implement outside counsel guidelines, which led to a 50% reduction in law firm costs.

Project: Strategic Review of Patent Portfolios
Client- Large Medical Research Center Summary: ipPerformance worked with patent counsel at the client’s law firm, business leaders, and lead scientists to evaluate a large portfolio that fell into 12 technology groupings to determine prospective licensees and licensable value.

We identified a group of high-value patents and recommended a list of qualifying potential licensees.

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