Training Courses

IP Essentials

These intellectual property training courses are designed to give the workforce a basic working understanding of the nature of intellectual property assets, how to protect these assets, why these assets are important to business, and what is expected of all company personnel.

  • Business Importance of Intellectual Property
  • Patent Fundamentals
  • Trade Secret Fundamentals
  • Trademark Fundamentals
  • Copyright Fundamentals

IP Foundations 

The Foundations Curriculum is geared towards your technology workforce and reinforcing the following intellectual property practices, terms, and concepts.

  • Intellectual Property Knowledge and Value Primer
  • Invention and Inventorship
  • Intangible Assets vs. Tangible Assets

Extensions  – For Technology, Business, and Manufacturing

These training courses are designed for expanding your understanding of IP assets, standard operating practices, and best practices policies. These training modules are for those establishing intellectual property capabilities. For personnel participating or leading efforts to monetize, leverage and transact with intellectual property.

  • IP and Commercial Relationships: When do you need an agreement?
  • New Products and Freedom to Operate Procedures
  • Exploring Intellectual Property Assets for Research Development & Engineering
  • Inventor Lab Research Notebook Procedures
  • Patenting Process – Invention Review, Approval, Prosecution, and Patent Grant
  • Intellectual Property in Joint Ventures
  • New Use Patents
  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods
  • Intellectual Property Assets through Strategic Alliance Life Cycle

MicroLearning Courses

These modules are designed for quick lessons. The length of each module ranges from two to seven minutes.

  • Completing an Invention Disclosure Form
  • Considerations for Pursuing a Patent or other IP Protections
  • Factors and Considerations for Early Defensive Publication
  • Handling IP in a Cooperative Relationship
  • Handling Unsolicited Ideas
  • Invention and Inventorship
  • IP Commercialisation Strategies
  • IP Valuation and Financing
  • Joint Development Relationships and IP
  • Joint Venture and Alliance Primer
  • Learning Intellectual Assets vs. Tangible Assets
  • Outside Cooperative Development Programs
  • Patent Program Background
  • Patentability Requirements
  • Protecting Proprietary Information
  • Publication After Filing Patent Application
  • Releasing Technology
  • Requirements for Patentability
  • Technical Know-How
  • Technology Release Process
  • The Patent Department, What do they do?
  • Timelines of Filing a Patent Application
  • Understanding Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
  • Understanding the Importance of IP in the Business Technology Value Chain
  • Using an Inventor Lab Notebook
  • Using Technology Related Agreements