Developing Intellectual Property Strategies Development and Performance Metrics Practices

ipPerformance Group Research presents the definitive study on developing intellectual property strategies and performance metrics used to gauge company success.

This report will provide you with meaningful operational information to benchmark your organization. The standard report includes executive overview, main findings, and detailed results.

Among the findings that emerged from this benchmark study are the following:

    – 35% of companies indicate intellectual property strategy is routinely an aspect of their company’s day-to-day business decisions.

    – Almost a third of companies state that they would increase patenting very frequently in response to competitor activity.

    – On average, IP leaders utilize seven key information inputs to develop company IP strategies.

Use this report to:

    – Evaluate your companies intellectual property planning and strategy development framework
    – Assess your intellectual property program performance scorecard
    – Learn how peer companies value their intellectual property investments – Identify strategic metrics for top management
    – See who monitors competitive intellectual property activity
    – Identify key functions that normally participate in strategy development activities