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Intellectual Property Law Department - Patent Operations Report
In this comprehensive study, innovation-driven companies shared operational costs, staffing and attorney responsibilities, patent filing strategies and performance metrics.  More
IP Training Programs Best Practices Report
This report outlines training program structures, policies, budget management, delivery methods, and performance metrics to allow readers to come away with insights that can enhance training performance.   More
Inventor Rewards and Recognition Programs Best Practices Report (2014)
This comprehensive report includes inventor financial reward amounts, non-financial recognition, extraordinary awards, program management and communication, and methods for handling inventor remuneration statutes to comply with each international jurisdictions.   More
Developing IP Strategies and Performance Metrics Best Practices Report
Developing Intellectual Property Strategies and Performance Metrics is a comprehensive report that tells you best practices methods for developing and monitoring intellectual property strategies in order to ensure their intellectual property strategies are effectively aligned with their business and technology goals.  More
2017 IP Program Performance Metrics Benchmark Scorecard
Ninety-seven intellectual property program performance metrics are assembled in this report. Metrics are organized into eight operational and strategic perspectives.   More
Comprehensive tool for developing a best practices operation. Complete with processes, step-by-step procedures, policies, templates and workflows.   More
Managing the High Cost of Patent Infringement
Indicators of senior management advocacy and business alignment tell a story about Biopharma's ability to protect the company jewels. This article discusses the need and value of a business aligned IP program and it being essential in a blockbuster product business model.   More
How metrics can put IP at the heart of your company's agenda
If senior executives are to fully appreciate the IP management work being done inside their companies they need strategically aligned metrics that relate to their business knowledge. According to recent research, this means communicating IP performance in a language that the boardroom understands.  More
IP Benchmarking-Coming off the bench
Intellectual Property benchmarking evaluates IP operational costs and highlights a company's strengths and weaknesses, amongst other things. Catherine White, sub editor and reporter for Intellectual Property Magazine explores the many benefits of IP Benchmarking.  More
Report Overviews
Selecting IP Asset Management Software
Developing requirements for an IP asset management software system can be daunting. ipPerformance has organized a comprehensive list of more then 1,200 criterions that will assist buyers/evaluators in selecting an IP Asset Management system. This Request for Proposal (RFP) outline will enable you to quickly assess the various options available and create a short list of vendors. This tool can save you a tremendous amount of time.   More
Corporate Strategies to Patent Assertion Entities (Patent Troll)
Learning from experience. IP Leaders and Litigators provide candid feedback on how they handle attacks from Patent Assertion Entities (aka Non-Practicing Entities and Patent Trolls).   More
Trade Secret & Proprietary Information Management Best Practices Report
ipPerformance Group has gathered policies and best practices data from 33 IP driven companies. This is the most comprehensive proprietary analysis for trade secret and proprietary information protection practices ever collected. Be confident using our guide as the definitive source of benchmarking and best practices data.  More
Intellectual Property Law Firm Patenting Costs & Quality Management
The 2013 Intellectual Property Law Department: Law Firm Costs and Quality Management study confirms that law firm management varies widely across companies, but there are best practices for managing law firm relationships to achieve high quality.  More
America Invents Act Impact on Patent Operations
"The America Invents Act (AIA) reflects a significant overhaul to the U.S. patent system. IP Leaders indicate the changes are having substantial impact on patent operations. Learn about the impact on policies, procedures and budgets."  More
IP Department Operations Report Overview
This report provides valuable insights regarding department expenses, professional and non-professional staffing, patent attorney workload and outside counsel trends including costs and usage of innovation driven companies. This study was conducted in 2010.  More
Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Shoot-Out Results
The Shoot-Out report is a compilation of feedback and product rating for three leading IP asset Management tools. Highlighted vendors include CPA Global, Innovation Asset Group and Thomson IP Management Systems. Learn what 14 leading companies thought of the software options based on real-world IP decision-making.   More
Intellectual Property Law Department Cost Management
ipPerformance Group compiled a unique view of how 76 companies are adjusting to the economic downturn. This report provides insights on widespread changes companies have made and the results of those changes. Learn how companies are adjusting their patent area filing strategies and cost cutting measures to meet budget reductions as improvements to reduce law firm costs.  More
Patent Research and Analytics Best Practices
The Patent Research and Analytics reports on 117 companies' tools, resources, methods and services. Learn how companies use patent analytics to make better business decisions. Users rate the most popular tools and services.  More
IP Asset Management Software - Corporate Satisfaction
This comprehensive report provides you candid experience and perspectives from IP Leaders. Learn how well the leading software solutions are meeting company needs.  More
Top 10 Factors for Successful IP Management
Successful IP Management is not easy. ipPerformance has compiled a list of key factors that are instrumental in developing a world class IP management program. See how your company stacks up by checking out how many of the ten factors your program implements.  More
Trademark Search Tools Compared
ipPerformance benchmarks 6 leading trademark search tools. This paper discusses the accuracy and precision of these tools.  More
Choosing an IP Asset Management System - 5 Easy Steps
Choosing an IP Asset Management System - 5 Easy Steps  More
How to use ipPerformance Benchmark Reports
How to get your IP program and assets to “perform” using your ipPerformance report  More
Achieving Optimum Results From Your Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program.
How can you plan and structure your Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program to achieve optimum payoff? What are the key considerations? This white paper discusses the importance of structuring your inventor incentive program to achieve reciprocal payoffs to meet both business and inventor needs.   More
eLearning Overview
This new offering includes a full curriculum of intellectual property courses for training intellectual property stakeholders.sintellectual   More
Intellectual Property Primer and Policies
Intellectual property primer includes six imodules   More
Products & Tools
Inventor Intellectual Property Attitude and Knowledge Assessment
A powerful way to assess your inventor community’s intellectual property capabilities.  More
ipPerformance Group Benchmarking
Having accurate information about your company’s intellectual property (IP) proficiencies is critical to running a cost- effective and business valued IP program.  More
ipPerformance Group Consulting
Can improving process efficiency and effectiveness really help your business?  More
Inventor Intellectual Property Attitude and Knowledge Assessment
A powerful way to assess your inventor community’s intellectual property capabilities.  More
Assessment of Inventor Productivity and Rewards Program
Comprehensive Assessment of your corporate inventor IP knowledge, incentives, and performance metrics.   More
Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program Planning Guide
Planning guide to develop a business aligned and performance driven inventor rewards and recognition program.  More
Case Studies
Conduct an Intellectual Property Strategies Framework Workshop
We helped this company develop a defined IP plan, which led to a stronger patent portfolio and gains in business revenue and profits.  More
Intellectual Property Management Program and Legal Department Review, Practices, Metrics, and Technology
We helped this company reduce their patent procurement backlog to almost zero and accelerate their inventions idea submissions.  More
Review and Recommendations for Intellectual Property Department Business-Aligned Performance Measures
We helped this company put procedures in place that decreased unwarranted patent applications and increased their patent quality, increasing the current and future business value of their patents.  More
Standardize and Implement Standard Operating Procedures and Policies for Intellectual Property Asset Management
We helped this company increase inventor participation in the patent process by a whopping 200% and at the same time increase support from leadership and middle management and increase the ability of the IP stakeholders to acquire needed information easily.  More
Evaluate Trademark Management Practices in Multinational Brand-Driven Companies
We helped this company educate top management as well as improve business responsiveness and add performance measures to their IP program.  More
Evaluate Effectiveness of Inventor Reward and Recognition Program
Evaluate Effectiveness of Inventor Reward and Recognition Program  More
Monetize Portfolio—Identify Intellectual Property Assets for License
Monetize Portfolio—Identify Intellectual Property Assets for License  More
Strategic Review, Reorganization and Redefinition of Intellectual Property Attorney Roles
Leading High Technology Software Company  More
Strategic Review of Patent Portfolios
We helped this company speed up entry into licensing negotiations for best targets and achieve favorable royalty rates.  More
Patent Law Department Operations Review - Attorney and Legal Administration
We helped this company reduce costs while at the same time developing faster decision making and a stronger patent portfolio.  More
Benchmark leading IT Services Companies Patent Protection Practices
Our comprehensive report allowed this company to educate top management as well as improve their patent protection procedures and practices across the board.  More