Intellectual Property Law Department Cost Control

Achieving effective Intellectual Property Law Department cost management is an ongoing challenge. Understanding how to implement cost controls without compromising the quality of services and protecting innovation is imperative.

ipPerformance’s advisors with real-world experience running Intellectual Property Law Departments and benchmarking Intellectual Property legal cost controls can guide you to ensure that your Intellectual Property costs are managed effectively.

Our services include:


ipPerformance’s extensive repository of Intellectual Property law department measures and metrics enables you to benchmark your department against comparable departments.  Our advisors can assist you in developing practical outside counsel guidelines and ensure you incorporate best practices.

Fee Arrangements

If you rely on or are considering third-party services such as outside counsel or patent search services, we can guide you on effective fee structures and responsibilities that allow you to control costs.

Outside Counsel Management

Many Intellectual Property Law Departments have a growing reliance on outside counsel, necessitating management controls vital to maintaining quality and costs.  Reducing your patent application preparation costs while increasing in-house rework or examiner rejections is ineffective; it can result in higher total costs in time and money.

Resource Allocation

Utilizing your internal personnel efficiently and effectively can lower costs and dramatically improve your outcomes.  ipPerformance’s advisors have experience with large and small departments and allocate responsibilities among attorneys, support staff, non-attorney professionals, and non-legal department support. We have extensive benchmark data to evaluate your staffing ratios and volume of activity (e.g., docket, cases, matters).

Inside/Outside Mix

Determining the amount of Intellectual Property legal work that should be prepared by in-house counsel or when to add in-house staff to your operation can take time and effort. Our advisors can assist you in determining the mix based on experience and operational effectiveness.

Intellectual Property Legal Process Outsourcing

It’s not uncommon for an Intellectual Property Law Department to outsource several activities. Our advisors will assist you in identifying the activities for outsourcing versus developing the expertise in-house.

How You Benefit

Your Intellectual Property Law Department will reduce operational costs while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Intellectual Property legal work. Internal and third-party resources will be more effectively deployed.

Learn how we provide intellectual property best practices that you can use to improve your operations.

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