Intellectual Property Law Department Structure and Performance

The Intellectual Property Law Department governance can be complicated. The responsibility of Intellectual Property leaders is to manage while identifying opportunities to exploit the company’s business and R&D in investments. They must be aligned with the business leadership’s goals and strategies and guide them to achieve maximum results.

ipPerformance’s advisors’ practical experience enables them to work with you to align your Intellectual Property Law Department operation, identify efficiencies, and improve effectiveness.

The topics covered include the following:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Staffing Levels
  • Inside/Outside Services Mix (Legal and Non-legal)
  • Client and Stakeholder Services
  • Management Tools

The Intellectual Property Law Department’s activities reviewed include:

  • Patent Preparation and all related current administrative processes and procedures currently being used.
  • Patent Prosecution and all related current administrative processes and procedures currently being used.
  • Patenting Decision/Appeal
  • Patent Maintenance
  • Matter Management (Disputes, Conflict, and Assertions)
  • Outside Counsel Invoice Processing
  • Outside Counsel Interface and Management
  • Risk Management (Freedom to Operate and Product Clearances, Unsolicited Ideas, Partnering and Strategic Relationships)
  • Software Systems (e.g., Docketing, Matter Management, Prior Art Search, Invoice Management, Agreement Management (IP related), Inventor Award Processing, Document Management)
  • Department and Attorney Performance Metrics
  • IP Stakeholder Training (Development and Maintenance)

How You Benefit:

Your Intellectual Property Law Department clearly defines its mission and improves efficiency and effectiveness, providing your clients with quality services and responsiveness.  While improving quality, your department will reduce internal and external costs.

Learn how we provide intellectual property best practices that you can use to improve your operation.

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