Intellectual Asset Management Practices

ipPerformance Group partners with clients in developing and refining their Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) tactics, organization, and processes supporting their corporate and business strategies. These efforts are often global and comprehensive and emphasize the direct measurable links between the critical value drivers of shareholder value and IAM. Strategy, organization, software, and process are best understood in the context of ipPerformance’s approach.

This alignment is done with a clear understanding of the enterprise’s strategy and value drivers that will most contribute to accomplishing it. ipPerformance advocates an IAM approach that utilizes these value drivers as the targets for any IAM tactic, organization, or process development. This is accomplished by integrating the development of these IAM strategic components with the value drivers of the enterprise through an iterative process. The development of each component is done in the context of the whole IAM approach. The whole IAM process is optimized first, then the individual components are optimized in the whole context.

Businesses integrate intellectual assets into strategic business thinking and promote intellectual property management practices.

The intellectual asset management activity reviewed includes the following:

  • Invention Harvesting
  • Invention Disclosure Reviews and IP Protection Decisions
  • Patent Procurement (Prosecution)
  • Patent Docketing
  • Inventor Performance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Disputes, Conflicts & Assertions
  • Competitive (Patent) Intelligence – Search and Analytics
  • Unsolicited Ideas
  • Partnering and Strategic Relationships
  • IP Management Performance Metrics
  • Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program
  • IP Stakeholder Training (Topics, Performance)
  • Software – manage and related to IAM

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