Custom Benchmarking and Surveys

Best Practices Benchmarking®

ipPerformance conducts custom intellectual property practices benchmarking projects for companies.  Our experience is extensive, with over 20 years of experience benchmarking over 650 companies worldwide and covering all aspects of intellectual property practices.

Our advisors’ intellectual property and business experience enable us to have access to the right companies and people, ask the right questions, and understand the responses.

Issue and Industry Specific Surveys

We work with companies to investigate intellectual property practices, structure, spending, responsibilities, metrics, staffing and resources, and technology in target industries or company profiles.

Internal IP Stakeholder Surveys

ipPerformance has developed several internal surveys, including client satisfaction, intellectual property knowledge diagnostics, and inventor intellectual property outlook studies

How You Benefit

You will develop new insight into your industry and peer companies, business operations and practices, and internal stakeholders that can translate into your organization’s powerful, focused success strategy.

Business Team Signing Contract