Intellectual Property Best Practices Benchmark Studies

Best Practices Benchmarking®

The intellectual property benchmark studies below are part of ipPerformance’s best practices research. They enable companies to assess peer companies for strategy, organization structure, processes, practices, performance metrics, costs, and software systems.

Benefits of Participating:
By participating in one of the following surveys, you will receive the following:

  • Free copy of the summary results
  • Significant discounts on the detailed reports, including industry and custom analysis (40% or more off the list price)
  • One-on-one support to interpret survey results

Active Intellectual Property Benchmark Surveys 

Invention Capture and Harvesting 

Learn how your peer companies capture inventions.

  • Invention capture and pre-invention submission activities
  • Invention workshops and brainstorming sessions

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Intellectual Property Law Department Practices

ipPerformance is conducting its comprehensive benchmark study of corporate Intellectual Property Law Departments (functions and operations).

This Intellectual Property Law Department survey aims to capture critical intellectual property operations and identify the most efficient and effective practices.

We are asking you to answer a series of quick questions about the following:

  • IP operation responsibilities and activities
  • Professional and support staff
  • Patent filing approaches
  • Department financial and operational data
  • Performance metrics
  • Outsourcing of functions
  • Outside counsel management

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Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program Best Practices

Learn how your peer companies motivate their inventors.

  • Financial and non-financial awards
  • Program management
  • Program performance and improvements

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Intellectual Property Training Programs

Learn how your peer companies conduct and manage workforce training.

  • IP training topics
  • Delivery methods used to train
  • Strategies for improving course participation
  • Training promotions
  • Functions responsible for training
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training

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Intellectual Asset Management Practices  Diagnostic

The Intellectual Asset Management, Practices Diagnostic, will provide IP, R&D, and business leaders with a scorecard assessment that leaders can review within the company.
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Upcoming Intellectual Property Benchmarking Surveys

Intellectual Asset Management Software Satisfaction

Patent Intelligence (Search and Analytics) Practices

Invention Harvesting Practices