How our advisory works

ipPerformance uses a four-stage process to drive positive and lasting change for our clients. 

ipPerformance Fact-Based Advisory focuses on the client’s destination or future state.  We ensure that changes are targeted at measurable objectives that can be understood and tracked, building confidence and providing a framework for positive communication and verifiable results.

ipPerformance Fact-Based Advisory comprises three key elements:

Consultants who know business and IP operations from a practical and advisory perspective.  Our consultants are passionate about their work and our clients’ results.

Tools and methods that are comprehensive, integrated, and consistent – yet flexible.  Our tools allow our consultants to apply cause and effect analysis to rapidly diagnose organizational performance issues and provide clear, auditable recommendations.

Data consists of a global repository of information on costs, prices, volumes, quality, standards, practices, and results.  The ipPerformance ipFactBase™ is universally recognized as the most comprehensive managed intellectual property database of long-term operational data.

Learn how we provide intellectual property best practices that you can use to improve your operation.

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