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Managing the High Cost of Patent Infringement (Bio Executive International Magazine)
Indicators of senior management advocacy and business alignment tell a story about Biopharma’s ability to protect the company’s jewels. This article discusses the need and value of a business-aligned IP program, and its essential in a blockbuster product business model.

How metrics can put IP at the heart of your company’s agenda
If senior executives are to fully appreciate the IP management work being done inside their companies, they need strategically aligned metrics that relate to their business knowledge. According to recent research, this means communicating IP performance in a language the boardroom understands.

IP Benchmarking-Coming off the bench
Intellectual Property benchmarking evaluates IP operational costs and highlights a company’s strengths and weaknesses, amongst other things. Catherine White, sub-editor and reporter for Intellectual Property Magazine, explores the many benefits of IP Benchmarking.


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Choosing an IP Asset Management System in 5 Easy Steps

Top 10 Factors for Successful IP Management

Services and Tools

Inventor Intellectual Property Attitude and Knowledge Assessment
A powerful way to assess your inventor community’s intellectual property understanding and support.

ipPerformance Group Benchmarking
Accurate information about your company’s intellectual property (IP) proficiencies is critical to running a cost-effective, business-valued IP program.

ipPerformance Group Process Consulting
Can improving process efficiency and effectiveness help your business?

Assessment of Inventor Productivity and Rewards Program
Comprehensive Assessment of your corporate inventor IP knowledge, incentives, and performance metrics.

Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program Planning Guide
Planning guide to developing a business-aligned and performance-driven inventor rewards and recognition program.

A comprehensive tool for developing a best practices operation. Complete with processes, step-by-step procedures, policies, templates, and workflows.

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