Intellectual Property and Innovation Best Practices Benchmark Reports

Intellectual Property and Innovation Best Practices Benchmark Reports
ipPerformance conducts numerous best practices studies annually. They cover all aspects of the intellectual property property. Our studies are designed to be comprehensive and provide performance insights. All surveys are approved by the ipPerformance Corporate Intellectual Property Leadership Advisory to ensure the most relevant questions are asked. All benchmark reports include a briefing session to discuss and answer questions. .
Benchmark Reports Overviews

Invention Harvesting, Selection, and IP Protection Decisions

Corporate Intellectual Property Law Departments – Patent Operation

Outside Counsel Costs, Cycle-time and Quality Management

IP Program Performance Metrics Benchmark Scorecard

Developing Intellectual Property Strategies and Performance Metrics

Intellectual Asset Management Software Solutions

Corporate Trade Secret Management and Proprietary Information Management

Intellectual Property Training Programs

Inventor Rewards and Recognition Programs

Patent Intelligence – Search and Analytics

Patent Application Preparation and Prosecution Quality

Detail Outlines of the reports are available upon request.