Patent Intelligence (Search & Analysis) Best Practices

What changes are occurring in your technology space? How should you plan your technology roadmap? What are the best methods to show management who are the emerging players, potential partners, or acquisition targets?

Among the findings that emerged from this patent intelligence research are the following: – Fifty-two percent of companies indicate that the chief IP/patent counsel is responsible for patent intelligence. Overall, companies indicated three functions are responsible. – Eighty-one percent of companies indicated that R&D leadership is very knowledgeable about the value of using patent intelligence. – Sixty-one percent of companies indicate that they outsource patent intelligence requirements. The leading reason is lack of resources, databases, or tools in-house. Learn about:
    – Most popular patent intelligence systems and how your peers scored there each product – User satisfaction and most/least valuable capabilities – Effective analysis reports for management – Prevalent objectives and activities – Types of search studies conducted by 3rd party services