Intellectual Property Asset Management Practices and Procedures Guidelines

Transparent and accessible intellectual property practices and procedures are critical to establishing and maintaining a world-class intellectual property asset management program. Would having a comprehensive resource that company personnel can use for your intellectual property policies and procedures be nice? Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start; perhaps you are questioning if your practices need improvement, and you want to evaluate your procedures against best practices. Maybe you’re too busy to benchmark your IP practices. Or maybe, you’re just too busy! Well, that’s where ipPerformance can help you. ipPerformance’s Intellectual Property Practices, Procedures, and Forms are designed to save you and your team valuable time. Each topic has been researched by experts and designed with consistent standards. Let’s take a look at the four ways our Intellectual Property Practices and Procedures guides can help your organization today:

1. Save Research Time ipPerformance Intellectual Property Practices & Procedures are based on our standard Intellectual Property Asset Management framework and best practices, all researched by experienced personnel and process experts. This saves you valuable time researching the same material yourself.

2. Improve Your Intellectual Property Practices and Procedures Instructional content, “Step-by-Step” guides, workflow flowcharts, training, consulting, and live support are available to ensure you have the information you need to develop usable policies and procedures right the first time.

3. Speed Your Intellectual Property Practices Development Standard usability formats, process design methodology, and numerous examples for every department reduce employee confusion and improve usability, speeding up policy development by less experienced personnel.

4. Online and Accessible Content is formatted and available for online access. Intellectual Property Practices and Procedures

  • IP Asset Management – Business Tenets
  • Strategy Development – Outlining a Strategic Plan
  • Conducting a Competitive Assessment
  • Invention Disclosure Completion Procedures
  • Invention Approval and Submission
  • Agreements Approval
  • Royalties and Licensing
  • Technology Release
  • The Process of Technology Release In Intellectual Asset Management
  • The Technology Licensing Policy of the Company
  • Handling of Unsolicited Ideas
  • Patent Abandonment
  • Authority to Approve and Sign Agreements
  • Department Roles For Royalties and Licensing
  • IAM Teams and the Role of the Patent Review Committee
  • Patent Classification — Classify Patents by Business Use
  • Developing Area Filing (Patent & Trademark) Strategies
  • Developing and Maintaining Intellectual Property Assets Training Courses

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