Intellectual Property Fundamentals 

Engaging Intellectual Property to create an IP-driven culture


Training courses are designed to give your workforce a basic working understanding of the nature of intellectual property assets, how to protect these assets, why these assets are important to business, and what is expected of all company personnel. The Intellectual Property Fundamentals curriculum covers the fundamental principles and business value of patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights and the protections each provides.

Business Intelligence

Business Importance of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is commonly referenced in business based on its economic value. This course is designed to teach the learner to recognize the importance and value of intellectual property to businesses and their consumers. Additionally, the learner will gain an understanding of the origins of innovation and methods a company can use to monetize its intellectual property to increase revenue.

Patent Fundamentals

We interact with patented products daily. Many times, it’s the unique product functionality or services offered that we benefit from. Patents enable inventors to protect their technology and process innovations. They are the lifeblood of most technology-driven companies, enabling them to establish a competitive advantage and drive business growth.

This course explains the fundamental principles of patents, as well as the protections provided by them. This course will teach you the various types of patents, the patentable subject matter, how to determine if an idea is patentable, and the importance of patents for an organization to gain a sustainable competitive advantage and positive business results.

Patent Fundamentals
Trade Secrets Fundamentals

Trade Secret Fundamentals

In business, working with third-party organizations is a necessity, and the use of social media is commonplace. Therefore, employees must be aware of guidelines for handling company trade secrets. This course covers the fundamental principles of trade secrets and the advantages of trade secret protection. Employees will learn the strict criteria to protect and enforce a trade secret using relevant scenarios and examples.

Trademark Fundamentals

Corporate and product brands provide powerful marketing impact and are protected by trademarks. It’s how most people identify products and services. We know our favorite companies and products by their trademarks and brand names. As a result, these marks can be highly valuable to the business.

This course covers the fundamental principles of trademark protection. Employees learn the range of trademark types, how to avoid confusing trademarks, and the importance of legal protection. Employees will learn how trademark protection strengthens a business’s products and services.

Trademark Fundamentals
Copyright Fundamentals Course

Copyright Fundamentals

Copyright protection enables authors and creators to protect their creative expressions. This course explains the fundamental principles of copyrights, as well as the protections provided by it.

The Copyright Fundamentals course will teach employees about the protection concept and the importance of copyrights for an organization. They will be able to define what a copyright is and the benefits of copyright protection. Additionally, they will be able to describe examples of what copyright protects.

Additionally, this course will clarify the critical elements of copyright protection practices that most corporations adhere to so that employees will understand the importance of handling and protecting copyrighted materials.

Intellectual Property Introduction (Onboarding New Employees)

The Intellectual Property Introduction course is designed to give all Company personnel a basic understanding of intellectual property, how it is protected, why these assets are essential to the business, handling proprietary information, interacting with third parties, and what is expected of all personnel.  

Intellectual Property Introduction

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