The nice things people say about ipPerformance services, reports, and events.


“The IP Strategic Planning and Procedure Manual gives you all the key intellectual property  processes in  one thorough and comprehensive management tool  that will enable  your company to develop a World Class Intellectual Property Asset Management Program.”
– Rich Rodrick, former Chief Patent Counsel, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

“The reports and maps have been very helpful in articulating and providing an overview of our processes and opportunities for improvement. More importantly, your efforts have been instrumental in getting the business, engineering, and legal groups together to work as a team towards protecting an important and valued asset of our company.”
– Chief IP Counsel, Fortune 20 company


“With the mounting pressure on IP Leaders there is a pressing need to provide management with statistical information on the effectiveness of our departments. The comprehensive ipPerformance studies provide IP Leaders with the detailed metrics required to establish meaningful best practice baselines to better manage their departments.”
–- Sam Pace, Chief IP Counsel at Praxair Technology, Inc.

“I find the reports provided by ipPerformance Group to be concise, useful, and reasonably priced. I always look to their metrics and benchmarks as an initial resource to assure our department is closely aligned with the best practices in our specialty.”
– Anonymous Client, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Fortune 500 Company

“Nielsen has committed itself to extend its base of Intellectual Property and leverages  ipPerformance’s comprehensive benchmarking data and insights on IP Management trends and best practices stacked up against our operations dashboard to gauge our evolving organization, policies and practices.”
– Gene Potkay, Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property at The Nielsen Company

“I found the Strategic & Operational Management of IP Report to be very helpful. It is one of the most concrete and definitive reports of current IP practices and views that I have seen.”
– Todd Messal, Boston Scientific Corporation

“This information is highly valuable for companies developing their IP program or confirming existing practices.”
– IAM Team Champion at Dana Corporation

ipLeadership Exchange

“Great job – especially the outstanding selection of attendees and the peer-to-peer tone. Very valuable.”
– Jeff Lindsay, Corporate IP Strategist, Kimberly-Clark

“Very professionally done. Excellent outcome and excellent networking.”
– Sharon Grosh, IAM Director, 3M

“Great opportunities for meeting and discussing with peers. My best networking activity of the year.”
– Leigh English, IP Strategy, Monsanto Company

“Very good speakers, combined with audience participation is was excellent.”
– Claire Schultz, Vice President, former Chief IP Counsel, Cytec Industries

 “Very refreshing to have work/discussions around IP management, that doesn’t culminate in a sales pitch by workshop presenter.”
– Robert Pascal, IP Director, Textron Inc.


“Great way to see several tools at once in a common situation—very helpful”
—Ted Gausman, Swagelok Company

“Great to have all the back-to-back. Far more useful than seeing at a show.”
— Joe Deloach, IP Capital Manager, Eastman Chemicals  

“Case Study very helpful to pull out features that distinguish products.”
— Asst General Counsel, Life Sciences