Inventor Rewards and Recognition Program Assessment

Motivating inventors to disclose high-value inventions and participate in patent procurement can be critical to a company’s intellectual property success.  Inventor reward programs are multi-faceted and complicated, managing inventor rights across several jurisdictions.  ipPerformance has extensive experience evaluating incentive effectiveness and inventor performance metrics.

ipPerformance’s expert advisors understand the relationship dynamics between business leadership, research and development, and intellectual property legal c. inside and outside lawyers. They can bring proven yet progressive ideas to outside counsel management, including:

Our services include:

Financial and Non-Financial Awards

Our advisors will help you evaluate the types of intellectual property milestones that incentivize employees with financial and non-financial awards. Additionally, we will clarify which extraordinary awards can be used to increase employee invention retention and activity.

Program Management

We’ll help you with the effectiveness of your program management practices, including messaging, monitoring, and managing.


ipPerformance will use our inventor and invention activity performance metrics database to evaluate the effectiveness of your inventor incentives and identify awards optimum to achieve your desired goals.

How You Benefit

You will improve the effectiveness of your inventor incentives, maximize your inventor participation and support, and increase the number of high-value inventions.

Learn how we provide intellectual property best practices that you can use to improve your operation.

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