Intellectual Property
Knowledge Diagnostic 


ipPerformance is committed to strengthening your company’s intellectual property knowledge. We’re offering an intellectual property knowledge check for assessing your R&D workforce.

Our ipKnowledge Diagnostic covers the key concepts and scenarios your R&D community should understand, and you receive a comprehensive report to gauge your technical workforce’s understanding.

It consists of a 30-question test bank that covers key intellectual property topics. The ipKnowledge Diagnostic tracks and measures the user’s response to each question by category. Our analytics provide a detailed profile of each user’s results.

7-10 minutes

Research Development & Engineering

Optional Versions:
All Employees
Business Managers

Assessment Topics:
IP Business Value
Trade Secrets
Proprietary Information
Freedom to Operate
Reading Patents
Patenting Process
Unsolicited Ideas

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The ipPerformance Training Difference

ipPerformance believes intellectual property training is essential to increasing business value and reducing risks. We combine seasoned subject matter experts with our instructional design methodology to develop interactive, engaging, and adaptable courses to reinforce an IP-driven culture.