Intellectual Property Benchmark Surveys & Reports – Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Questions

How do I contact someone for more information?
You can contact ipPerformance Group Benchmark Service in several ways: e-mail:
phone: 630-216-9673 fax: 630-206-1221 mail: ipPerformance Group, Inc. 2135 CityGate Lane Suite 300 Naperville, IL 60563

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. We will accept checks as prepayment for an order. If you wish to you pay by check, please contact our Customer Service Department. Your order will not ship until the check is received.
All payments must be made in U.S. dollars.

What delivery methods do you use?
You have the option of choosing the delivery method and report format that best suits your needs. Paper reports are shipped via Federal Express. Electronic versions (PDF) are emailed.

When will my order ship?
Your order will leave our warehouse within 48 hours of placing the order.

What is your return policy?
Survey materials are not returnable. If you have a question or concern upon receipt of your order, please contact our Customer Service Department immediately. We prefer to discuss your needs prior to a purchase to assist you in making the right report selection.

Can we make copies of the report?
Yes, but for internal purposes within your corporate location. Please contact us for a complete license agreement.

How many reports have you published?
Over 100 reports are available. Most of our reports are offered with industry sub-group analysis.

What type of companies participates in the studies?
Broad spectrums of companies participate in our studies. The participants are diverse, representing most industries, geographic regions, and company sizes. Survey sponsors have included: S.C. Johnson, Pfizer, 3M, Oracle, Affymetrix, Air Products, and International/Navistar. Other referenced participants include Kimberley-Clark, Ford, Deere, Caterpillar, Intel, Eastman Kodak, Praxair, A.C. Nielsen, etc. Contact us for a more complete list.

Survey Participation Questions

How can I participate in a survey?
Go to; there will be a survey topic(s) and prompt for you to “start the survey,” and you can complete it online. You can print the survey, complete it on paper and email us your information. Alternatively, email and request the latest survey. If a survey is not currently open for participation, you can request to receive a questionnaire when it is issued. Contact our Customer Service Department to register your interest in future participation.

Is there a charge for participating in your surveys?
No, there is absolutely no cost to participate. And all participants receive a free Executive Summary of the survey results and a discount if they purchase the full survey report.

Do I have to participate in a survey to purchase the results?
No, you do not have to be a participant to purchase a survey. But if you do participate, you will receive a significant discount on the purchase price.

Is the survey information submitted confidential?
Yes, all information communicated and submitted is kept strictly confidential. Over 350 companies have participated over the last three years. Please get in touch with us at 630-416-7459 or e-mail

What type of companies participate in ipPerformance Group surveys?
The most prestigious companies, over 300 from over 23 industries, have participated in our surveys.

Is survey participation confidential?
Yes. Those companies that are identified/referenced permitted ipPerformance Group to reference their company.

Why should I participate?
In addition to receiving the summary report, you will get a significant discount on detail and industry reports. This excellent management/leadership tool enables you to evaluate your company’s program against peers, support your decisions and recommendations and compare your metrics. Additionally, it provides the company’s senior leadership team with valid benchmark results.
Your participation ensures that you will have valuable benchmark information for management discussions and decisions.

I participated in a survey, and can I pre-order a copy of the results?
Yes, companies can pre-order their reports.