Training Courses

ipPerformance has developed an extensive catalog of intellectual property training courses. Over 150 courses are currently in our intellectual property training catalog. We can customize a course to meet your requirements quickly and easily.

Training Courses

Intellectual Property Fundamental Courses

These intellectual property training courses are designed to give the workforce a basic working understanding of the nature of intellectual property assets, how to protect these assets, why these assets are essential to business, and what is expected of all company personnel.

  • Business Importance of Intellectual Property
  • Patent Fundamentals
  • Trade Secret Fundamentals
  • Trademark Fundamentals
  • Copyright Fundamentals
  • Intellectual Property Primer (Onboarding Course)

Intellectual Property Training Extensions 

The Intellectual Property Training Extensions Curriculum is geared toward your technology, marketing, and business management employees. These intellectual property courses reinforce intellectual property practices, terms, and concepts.

  • Patent Procurement Process
  • Invention Disclosure Considerations and Literature Searches
  • Intellectual Property Knowledge and Value Primer
  • Intangible Assets vs. Tangible Assets
  • Understanding Prior Art
  • Agreements: Intellectual Property and Customer and Partner Relationships
  • Understanding Agreement Structure
  • Understanding intellectual property-related agreements
  • Handling Unsolicited Ideas
  • Intellectual Property in a Cooperative and Joint Venture
  • Inventor Lab Research Notebook Procedures
  • Intellectual Property in Joint Ventures
  • New Use Patents
  • Intellectual Property Valuation Methods
  • Intellectual Property Assets through Strategic Alliance Life Cycle
  • Exploring Intellectual Property Assets for Research Development & Engineering

Intellectual Property Training for Research Development and Engineering Curriculum

These intellectual property training courses are designed to provide research, development & engineering employees with a working knowledge of critical patenting topics and improve their intellectual property awareness.

  • Patenting Process – Invention Review, Approval, Prosecution, and Patent Grant
  • Invention and Inventorship
  • Completing an Invention Disclosure
  • Reading a Patent
  • Agreements Primer: IP and Commercial Relationships
  • New Products and Freedom to Operate Introduction

Intellectual Property Training for Business Leaders and Managers Curriculum

Intellectual Property Training for Business Leaders and Managers teaches how intellectual property can be used strategically to drive business growth and competitive advantage.

  • Intellectual Property for Marketing Advantage
  • Intellectual Property and Agreements
  • Valuing Intellectual Property: Need and Benefits
  • Intellectual Property and Joint Ventures
  • Business Importance of Intellectual Property
  • Obtaining a Patent: Why, Where, When
  • Intellectual Property and Strategic Alliances

Microlearning Courses

These bite-sized courses are designed to deliver quick lessons. The length of each course ranges from two to five minutes.


Invention Harvesting and Reviews

  • What Happens After Your Invention Disclosure is Submitted to Patent Department
  • Completing an Invention Disclosure Form
  • Necessary Preparations for Completing an Invention Disclosure
  • What Happens at the Invention Review Committee Meetings

Patent Search, Infringement, and Freedom to Operate

  • Conducting Prior Art
  • Dominant Patent and Infringement
  • Freedom to Operate and Product Clearance

Trade Secret

  • Handling Confidential Proprietary Information
  • What is the Trade Secrets Act
  • Trade Secret Cornerstones
  • Examples of Potential Trade Secrets
  • Famous Trade Secrets
  • What’s a Trade Secret?
  • Advantages of a Trade Secret
  • How Is Trade Secret Protection Lost?
  • Are There Methods to Protect Trade Secrets?
  • Safeguards to Prevent Misappropriation
  • Trade Secret Classifications
  • Handling Proprietary Information
  • What is Technical Know-How


  • Factors and Considerations for Early Disclosure of Your Invention
  • Patent versus Trade Secret Protection
  • Prosecuting a Patent
  • Publication after Filing Patent Application
  • Requirements for Patentability
  • How are Inventions Evaluated for Patenting
  • Patent Fundamentals
  • Basic Patentability Requirements
  • Patent Protection – Who, When, Where, and Length of Time
  • Why are Patents Valuable
  • Patenting Steps and Activities
  • Patent Protection Features
  • Explaining Design Patents
  • Patent Process
  • Patentability Test
  • Prosecution Period
  • How to submit your ideas
  • Invention and Inventorship
  • Necessary Preparations for an Invention Disclosure
  • Patentability Requirements
  • Assessing Patentability with Seven Questions
  • Intellectual Asset Management Team Meeting
  • Patent Process Timeline
  • Major Stages of Patenting
  • What Happens in the Pre-Filing Period
  • What Happens in Post Issuance Period


  • What is Copyright?
  • Who Creates Copyrightable Material?
  • Copyright Legal Protection Factors
  • Rights of the Copyright Holder
  • What Does Copyright Protect?
  • Copyright Principle: Fair Use
  • Four Factor Fair Use Test
  • What is Copyright Parody
  • Joint Works
  • Works Made for Hire
  • Company Copyright Policy
  • Copyright Notice Examples
  • Copyright Disputes
  • Derivative Works


  • Famous and Valuable Brands Value
  • Trademark Protection Features
  • Two Common Trademark Errors
  • Types of Corporate Identity Trademarks
  • Why is a Trademark Important
  • Trademark Policies – What to Do
  • Trademark Policies – What Not to Do

Cooperative Relationships

  • Outside Cooperative Development Programs


  • Using Technology-Related Agreements

Invention Publication

  • Using Defensive Publication

Business and Intellectual Property

  • Understanding Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
  • Understanding the Importance of Intellectual Property in a Business’s Value Chain
  • Additional Value of Owning Intellectual Property
  • Where Does Innovation Come From – Inside and Outside the Company

Intellectual Property Operations

  • The Patent Department – What do they do
  • Document Creation and Handling
  • Completing an Invention Disclosure Form

Learn how we can provide intellectual property training courses that are engaging and effective.

The ipPerformance Training Difference

ipPerformance believes intellectual property training is essential to increasing business value and reducing risks.  We combine seasoned subject matter experts with our instructional design methodology to develop interactive, engaging, and adaptable courses to reinforce an IP-driven culture.