Intellectual Property Asset Management Software Satisfaction Report

Intellectual Property Asset Management software evaluation and selection can be a daunting activity. Learning intellectual property asset management software strengths and weaknesses from peer companies can provide you with critical insights for evaluating a software system that will have the greatest impact on your intellectual property operation. To make an effective decision, your evaluation should include report capabilities, usability, speed and performance, customer support, 3rd party systems integration, and configurability.

ipPerformance Group Research presents its intellectual property software satisfaction report as a definitive guide for companies evaluating in.intellectual property asset management software. 

This Intellectual Property Asset Management Software Satisfaction Report will provide you with a meaningful understanding of IP asset management software solution satisfaction study to learn about company experiences and satisfaction with IP asset management software, which IP leaders can use to evaluate and select new software or verify their own experiences.

Some of the key topics of this report include the following:

  • How satisfied are companies with vendor support and product capabilities?
  • What are each Intellecrtual Property Asset Management AM software product’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which are the best reports used for updating management?
  • Which are the best reports used for tracking department activity or making department decisions
  • What capabilities are companies looking for in new/replacement software?