Train, Incentivize, and Empower

in Inventor Rewards and Recognition

For new employee training, unfortunately, many companies rely on tribal knowledge passed down from the company’s R&D veterans and a brief training on intellectual property fundamentals when personnel join the company. While incentives as a motivational tool are important, if the inventors don’t see the value of intellectual property protection, the incentives’ impact will be blunted. Some R&D groups conduct informal sessions or brown bag lunches on the topic of intellectual property priorities, policies, and processes. The topics that I believe should be at the top of the list are:
1) Learn how to complete an invention disclosure
2) Importance of IP to the business and handling it to prevent loss of intelligence and intellectual property rights
3) Patentability – completely understanding it in appropriate jurisdiction
4) Ethics and Inventorship – patent should always be real and inventors should meet the criteria for inventorship


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