About ipPerformance Group

ipPerformance Group is a leading Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) advisory and intellectual property benchmarking service. We partner with clients to develop strategies and action plans, evaluate performance metrics, select software technology, and improve operational practices in order to achieve business growth.

ipPerformance Group has benchmarked the IPAM practices of more than 700 world-class companies. Our fact-based approach enables clients to achieve world-class operational performance, optimized practices, alignment between software systems and business processes, and maximum value from investment in research and development.

ipPerformance Group’s clients have diverse backgrounds and span Fortune 100, mid-size and start-up companies represented by more than 23 industries across the globe. Their diverse business challenges mean that we help them recognize and address their unique issues within their unique cultures.

Our corporate style is simple. We work with our clients, using a straightforward and candid communication style. We strive to make our clients more capable. We transfer know-how, so that clients are stronger as a result of working with us.

We make change happen. No other consulting firm can match our breadth and depth of know-how. Thus, companies can be confident that our recommendations will work. We created a popular peer-to-peer exchange for IP leaders to come together and discuss challenges and best practices. We have helped hundreds of clients assess and evaluate their operations and metrics.

We have built the richest and most comprehensive database of intellectual property organizational management information in the world, enabling our clients to benchmark themselves (practices, resources and metrics) against the best performers in their industries.