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Instructional Design

Engaging professional effective course design and customization

Creating consistent interactive, engaging, and effective courseware requires disciplined design practices.


Sound instructional design (ID) principles are the basis for ipPerformance’s course design. The ID structure is laid down here to provide the ipPerformance ID “signature,” ensure the instructional integrity and quality of the course, and provide the basis for developing the course materials.


The ipPerformance Quality Audit process is designed to ensure that the Instructional Design (ID) signature of ipPerformance is built into each course we develop for our customers. The ipPerformance “ID signature” is ipPerformance’s implementation of good instructional design in developing a course from start to finish, guaranteeing the course is both instructionally sound and high quality.

Better Actions and Positive Behavioral Change

ipPerformance delivers engaging, interactive, relevant courses that ensure employees retain applicable knowledge and skills, helping them make better decisions and achieve consequentially behavior changes.

Assessment Approaches

We incorporate knowledge checks, scenarios, and misconceptions in courses to engage the learner. At the end of a full course, we utilize our quiz bank to evaluate each learner’s understanding.


Our courses are offered in several formats and designed to be easily customized. We can incorporate your forms, policies, contacts, procedures, examples, and spokespeople.

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