Intellectual Property Operations Improvement 

Intellectual Property Asset Management Proficiency Scorecard
How does your program compare with your peers and best practices?

ipPerformance’s Intellectual Property Capability Scorecard is a comprehensive IP program checkup that provides a detailed assessment of your program competencies. The analysis provides a 28-point evaluation that assesses your program against peers and best practices.

Business Opportunity Assessment: Intellectual Property Return on Investment Business Case 
Most companies recognize the importance of improving their intellectual asset management (IAM) program. However, IAM methods are often based on intuition and individual experiences. The challenge is presenting a comprehensive, tangible, and believable business case.

The Business Opportunity Assessment provides a means for IAM champions to define the cost/benefit opportunity as a prerequisite to obtaining management buy-in. With the assessment report, the IAM opportunity (ROI) can be readily communicated to management and the rest of the organization.

IP Asset Management Process Diagnostic Assessment
How reasonable are your procedures, and are you getting the right people involved? Are your metrics aligned with your business value drivers?

ipPerformance will work with you to evaluate your current processes and objectives against best practices. The best place to start is to understand your current practices and how your business operates. We understand your key business strategy, drivers, and objectives. We will gather information on the stakeholders, interactions, timeline, information, and technology. ipPerformance looks at the process from your point of view and your critical business procedures. Leveraging our extensive experience in applying best practices and understanding cultural change, we will develop a “should be” map to illustrate improvement opportunities that align with your business strategy to create value, improve quality, and reduce costs.

ipPerformance will assess and advise you on the best approach for building a strategic intellectual property asset management (IPAM) capability. Our assessment will include a high-level analysis identifying the present organizational state of intellectual assets and the embodied information of each type. The assessment will include identifying the company value drivers and developing a vision and a road map for the IPAM effort to align and support the business strategy.

Our audits include IP management end-to-end processes and the IP Department professional and administrative processes. These assessments can include global locations with varying local regulatory compliances.

Policies and Procedures
Are your policies articulated and accessible to your employee base? Are your processes coherent?

Many companies rely on tribal knowledge from the most senior employees, ad-hoc presentations, and limited documentation. The lack of formality presents the employees with the challenge of knowing where to go, what to do, and how to carry out intellectual property-related actions. ipPerformance assists clients in developing coherent policies and procedure guides.

Intellectual Property Benchmarking
Leverage our extensive experience and unique database of best practices to reinvent your operation.

ipPerformance assist clients with benchmarking their intellectual property asset management programs.

This includes:

  • planning — identifying the appropriate organizations and developing an agenda
  • facilitation — leading participants through the process, including making appropriate preparations
  • implementing the benchmark — making sure you get the most out of the benchmark activity

We have extensive experience in conducting benchmarking between companies as well as within companies. Our extensive experience includes working with large and small enterprises to develop actionable results.

Intellectual Property Training Program & Employee Development
Small or Large companies are challenged with keeping their employees motivated and understanding the significant role of intellectual property within the organization.

ipPerformance research has indicated that companies with comprehensive, ongoing, and consistent employee training programs have higher levels of disclosure, improved middle-and top-management support, and advocacy.

ipPerformance can assist you in developing a world-class training curriculum and effective courseware. We recognize that IP stakeholders in your organization have varying needs for education. We will assist you in building a program that addresses the unique needs of all stakeholders. This approach enables you to tailor the content to your audience and improve training effectiveness.

Inventor Rewards and Recognition Strategies
We are improving performance and engaging employees through rewards and recognition.

Determining the fitting inventor reward and recognition programs for your business climate, the strategic direction of your business, and your unique work culture is not as straightforward as one may think. What level of total reward can your business afford? How do you compare with your competitors? How do you motivate your inventors to address critical technology challenges? How do you better engage the inventor community in the patent protection program?

Different business objectives require different incentives. ipPerformance will assist your organization in designing superior inventor reward and recognition programs that improve employee and business performance.

Inventor/Employee Surveys – ipCulture Audits
Get a barometer of your program… Translating feedback into meaningful action.

An effective employee survey is one of the key ways your organization can define and measure whether it is creating the necessary energy and purpose to ensure you achieve great results.

ipPerformance can assist in developing, implementing, and analyzing an employee survey. With this information, we will help you understand all facets of your current IAM program and the impediments that may be impacting the potential volume of valuable invention ideas in your organization so that you can prioritize actions to support and maximize proficiencies.

ipPerformance’s extensive knowledge base enables us to evaluate your practices against peer companies, providing you with unique insight into those changes that can significantly improve your intellectual asset management.