Intellectual Property Asset Management Software Evaluation & Selection Report

Global Information and Technology Requirements
Many companies find that they have stretched their existing tools as far as possible. Companies that have either internally developed an intellectual property management system or modified their docketing systems beyond their intent realize it is time to implement a comprehensive intellectual property asset management system. Once you have identified that your current IPAM systems will not support your current and future needs, it is time to envision how the new IPAM system will allow you to perform more efficiently and effectively. ipPerformance works with clients to gather requirements and evaluate technology that will best address the needs of core users and key stakeholders.

IP Software Selection, Evaluation, Implementation
ipPerformance assists companies in organizing the request for proposal (RFP) and evaluating the intellectual property asset management software vendors. Our extensive experience in software development and deployment enables us to assist you with the evaluation process and organizing a deployment plan that addresses risk areas and enables a smooth roll-out.

Leading Intellectual Property Asset Management Vendors Rankings (IP Asset Management Software Satisfaction), These rankings are compiled based on over 100 companies’ contributions to our intellectual property asset management software satisfaction study. 1) CPA Memotech 2) Anaqua 3) Thomson IP Manager 4) Lecorpio 5) CPI 6) CPA Foundation IP Others: Innovation Asset Decipher CPA Ipendo Patrix Pattsy