Obtaining a Patent

Why, When, and Where

Why do companies need patent protection for their developments? The reason stems from the fact that new technology is the lifeblood of any business. Acquisition of new technology, whether by purchase or internal development, requires a significant investment of financial resources. If something valuable has been discovered, it is subject to others copying it. Once copied, its value, as well as the underlying technology, is reduced since competition minimizes profitability.

The Obtaining a Patent course reviews the key factors that inventors should understand before pursuing a patent. Employees will learn the alternatives to patenting an invention, how the invention is defined by the patent claims articulated in a patent application, business considerations for protection, and jurisdictions to file for protection. This 20-minute course is primarily designed for business and R&D managers. Still, it should be viewed by anyone in the company who needs to learn about intellectual property protection options and their value.

The Obtaining a Patent course covers the following topics:

  • Why patent protection is needed by inventors and companies
  • Why and when should an inventor obtain a patent
  • Patent claims, which are the heart of the patent application.
  • The use of publication as an alternative to patent protection
  • The merits of patent protection based on the business model
  • How to evaluate locations an inventor should obtain a patent

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