Frequently Asked Questions

How much do ipPerformance eLearning courses cost?
ipPerformance offers per-employee per-course and perpetual license pricing plans to meet varying needs. Which of these plans is the most cost-effective depends on the number of employees you intend to train, how many training courses each employee will take, and whether your organization has a learning management system (LMS). For more pricing information, please email us or call our sales department at 630-216-9673.

How long does it take an employee to complete a typical course?
We know that your employees’ time is valuable, and we’ve considered this in the design of our courses. Depending on the course and an employee’s pace, ipPerformance training courses are available in bite-size, short-length, and long-length. Short-length courses range from 7-20 minutes. Long-length courses are 30-50 minutes, start to finish, including the quiz section. We are also offering Microlearning courses designed for three minutes lessons.

Who writes ipPerformance’s courses?
ipPerformance’s advisors are the authors of each course. This group represents a broad spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and disciplines. Our firm comprises experienced corporate practitioners focused on advising companies on intellectual property management practices.

How many courses does ipPerformance offer?
We currently offer over 130 intellectual property-focused courses.

Can we customize the courses with a company look?
ipPerformance will revise the courses to meet company branding standards. The standard changes include color and company corporate identity logo.

Can we customize the courses to our company practices?
Most companies intellectual property practices will vary, some of the differences are minor, and others are fairly extensive. Our courses are designed to be easily adapted to meet company practices and make courses more relevant. ipPerformance will work with you to make the changes to meet your company’s needs. If some cases, we may be introducing best practices to you.

Do our computers need to be equipped with special hardware or software to use the courses?
ipPerformance courses run on any web-connected computer, tablet, or phone with a standard web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera). We do not use Adobe Flash to avoid conflicts with Apple Mac and iPad users.

Can we use different platforms?

ipPerformance course can run on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and phones.

Do we need a high-speed connection to the Internet?
No. A faster connection is useful for courses that include audio or video, but all courses are also offered without audio or video.

Does ipPerformance provide a learning management system (LMS) for us to use?
Yes, all the courses are deployed on the ipPerformance LMS and can be customized to meet your company’s requirements. All course usage and completions can be tracked from the system.

Can we launch and track ipPerformance courses from our existing LMS?
Yes. Because ipPerformance courses are designed to comply with AICC and SCORM specifications (the industry standards for interoperable e-learning), they integrate seamlessly with standards-conforming learning management systems.

Is my data (and my organization’s data) secure?
ipPerformance systems comply with the strict security requirements of Verisign™ and TRUSTe™, the industry standards for online security. All web pages with user-tracking and administration information are password-protected and SSL-encrypted.

Are ipPerformance’s intellectual property training courses “customizable”?
ipPerformance’s content is 100% customizable. ipPerformance not only customizes the color scheme and branding but can also customize the content, including examples, text, graphics, terminology, processes, quiz questions, quiz question scoring and feedback, and policies. Essentially anything in the courses can be customized to meet your company’s needs.

What happens if our company’s policies or procedures change during the term of our license?
ipPerformance’s analyst will work with you to make revisions required to the applicable courses.

What if there’s a course my company needs that ipPerformance doesn’t offer?

ipPerformance will assist you in developing a course that meets your needs. Our extensive experience in intellectual property and a large repository of best practices enables us to develop or adapt content quickly.

Can we use some of the training materials we already have?
Yes, ipPerformance can assist you in adapting your content to fit our delivery system. We have a standardized methodology that we use to develop all courses.