What’s Intellectual Property Asset Management

Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) is a continuous management approach that focuses on leveraging patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, know-how and other proprietary assets to support and improve overall business performance.
Intellectual Property Asset Management Model

Intellectual Property Asset Management Best Practices includes:

  • Aligning intellectual property assets to your business strategy and goals
  • Establish annual assets report to update business management
  • Conducting an annual portfolio review
  • Benchmarking against peers and best practices
  • Classify patents and trade secrets by business use
  • Conduct competitive technology assessment
  • Identify key patents (Strategic importance and commercial significance)
  • Manage all patent costs (Preparation and prosecution, maintenance, and internal support)
  • Establish standards for prioritize disclosures and patent filing decisions
  • Maintain an intellectual property assets training program to improve internal knowledge
  • Establish an online knowledge center with policies, procedures and contacts
  • Establish an organized database with all intellectual property assets

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