Why Choose ipPerformance Online Intellectual Property Training Solutions


Compare and you’ll see—ipPerformance offers the most flexible and cost-effective intellectual property (IP) training solutions. We’ve applied years of IP experience to develop an approach that is:

Our lessons run on almost any computer that can connect to the internet. Lessons do not require special hardware or software or a fast web connection.

Our powerful administration and tracking tools enable you to securely monitor employee usage, completion, and comprehension  in real time and manage automatic email “reminder” messages.

Our library includes a wide range of IP training lessons, all written by experienced practitioners. If you don’t see what you need, we’ll work with you to create it!

ipPerformance’s affordable pricing model can work within budget and resource constraints to help implement a cost-effective IP training solution that can be leveraged across the entire organization.

If you need customized content, our approach enables you to modify any part of our modules to create audience-and location-specific lessons.

ipPerformance training lessons feature relevant business scenarios, interactive quizzes and exercises, and final tests to confirm comprehension.

Our training modules conform to the AICC and SCORM standards — the industry standards for e-learning interoperability. Training modules can be launched and tracked from any learning management system (LMS).

Our extensive micro-learning series provides you with topic specific, on-demand reviews, lesson refreshers, and audience relevant content to improve trainee attention and results.

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