Intellectual Property Legal Process Outsourcing Practices Report


For background, ipPerformance conducted a recent Intellectual Property Owners Association IP operations benchmark study, which included large company (median revenue $17.4 billion) participants. One of the key takeaways was that 64 percent of the survey participants indicated that they outsourced at least one patent operations activity. On average, IP leaders indicated that they outsourced 2.5 tasks. The most common activity participants outsourced offshore (78 percent) was patentability and prior art searches. Overall, 62 percent of the companies reported being satisfied with outsourcing; only 2 percent said they were not satisfied. So we thought we would expand on this benchmark data and investigate company selection, management and supervision practices, budgeting, and satisfaction levels for each activity. 

ipPerformance Group Research presents the definitive report on corporate intellectual property legal process outsourcing practices  (IP-LPO).

P Legal Process Outsourcing benchmark IP leaders reported on experience and satisfaction with  more than forty intellectual property activities.

ipPerformance Group’s IP Legal Process Outsourcing Practices Report is the most comprehensive undertaking to study company intellectual property outsourcing practices. The report includes a detailed analysis and charts (more than 130 pages and fifty figures).

The IP Legal Process Outsourcing topics covered include the following:

  • Types of IP operations and activities outsourced
  • Outsourcing satisfaction
  • Outsourcing firm selection criteria and benefits
  • Budgeting and savings
  • Management and supervision
  • Factors that influence firm elimination
  • Contract fee arrangements



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