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ipPerformance has identified six critical dimensions as the most vital indicators for shaping an organization’s intellectual asset management (IAM) program proficiency.

The scorecard is prepared for you by ipPerformance Group and is a visual, graphic representation of the results based on the IAM Practices Proficiency Scorecard survey. It illustrates how you scored across the six IAM dimensions measured and how you compare to the (peer) companies and IAM best practices scores.

IAM Practices Proficiency

IP Strategies and Planning

The IP Strategies and Planning dimension explores what the intellectual property (IP) program is trying to accomplish, why it wants to achieve it, and how it plans to do so. This section reviews the analysis of competitive intelligence, the company’s understanding of the IP portfolio, and a process for developing business-aligned IP strategies. The analysis measures the alignment and integration of intellectual strategies with the company’s business strategy. IP plans and strategies for your organization help you maximize the value of your innovation investments.

Invention Harvesting and IP Protection

The Invention Harvesting and IP Protection dimension evaluates the invention submission and decision process. We examine the inventor community’s understanding, how inventions are recorded, reviewed, and how companies decide what IP protection they need.

IP Process and Management Resources

The IP Process and Management Resources dimension evaluates how the portfolio is managed.

Companies should use practical tools to monitor the use and performance of their IP assets. We examine portfolio management and oversight, operations performance assessment, and process formalization. We evaluate companies that leverage their intellectual property for business growth management and measure and staff their programs.

IP Risk Mitigation, Enforcement, and Dispute Management

The IP Risk Mitigation, Enforcement, and Dispute Management dimension evaluates how a company reduces infringement risks, identifies infringements, and proactively handles disputes. Disputes are time-consuming and costly; however, business leaders recognize that protecting their intellectual property is paramount to an effective IP program and business survival.

Technology Acquisition and IP Monetization

The Technology Acquisition and IP Monetization dimension appraise a company’s ability to leverage and monetize intellectual assets, technology partnering, and acquisition practices. CEOs realize that a portion of their technology solutions could be acquired and that IP is a currency allowing them to increase revenue. Company IP can be used to trade for access to third-party technology.

IP Awareness and Continuous Improvement

The IP Continuous Improvement dimension explores programs and initiatives to improve the knowledge and skills of personnel and the IAM practices within the organization. Best practice companies with sustainable and continuous success with their IP exhibit aggressive education and benchmark best-in-class companies to identify further improvements.

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