Intellectual Property Advisory, Benchmarking, and Training.

Intellectual Property Asset Management  Benchmarking that provides Comprehensive, Relevant, and Meaningful Results.

  • IP Policies
  • IP Processes
  • IP Performance Metrics
  • IP Department Staffing
  • IP Operations Costs

Over 600 companies have participated in ipPerformance intellectual property best practices benchmarking studies.

Intellectual Property Asset Management - Reviewing Benchmark Information
Intellectual Property Training

IP Training Program that ensures employee intellectual property awareness and understanding.

See how to deliver intellectual property training and leverage your talent to increase high-value inventions and reduce risk.

  • Intellectual property primer, advanced and micro courses
  • Customization options
  • Practical and engaging training that teaches concepts, skills, practices, and policies
  • Comprehensive curriculums and adaptable courses to meet your diverse workforce
  • Over 140 courses

Improve Employee Intellectual Property Awareness.

  •  Identify critical intellectual property topics that require training
  • Tests common and company intellectual property scenarios
  • ipKnowledge Diagnostic provides scores by topic, employee, business units, company, industry comparison, and more
Intellectual Property Awareness
Intellectual Property Culture and Awareness Audit

Developing an IP-Driven Culture  

Company intellectual property culture is crucial to a successful intellectual property strategy. Creating an IP-Driven culture where inventors (new and old) proactively disclose invention ideas and support the patenting life-cycle and business management recognizes that intellectual property is integral to business growth is vital in today’s highly competitive markets.

The ipPerformance ipCulture Audit will enable you to learn the following:

  • How to increase quality inventions (e.g., business-aligned, breakthroughs, “crown jewels”).
  • How to reduce the non-business aligned invention disclosure submissions.
  • How to get more inventors engaged in the IP process

Intellectual Property Asset Management and Best Practices Benchmarking


With the mounting pressure on IP Leaders, there is a pressing need to provide management with statistical information on the effectiveness of our departments. The comprehensive ipPerformance studies provide IP Leaders with the detailed metrics required to establish meaningful best practice baselines to better manage their departments.

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