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Intellectual Property Events – ipLeadership Exchange

ipLeadership Exchange-Fall 2008

Dates: November 10-12
Location: Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds in Oakbrook, IL
Theme: Strategic Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Featuring IP Portfolio Management Tools “Shoot-Out” Participating and Sponsor Vendors: CPA, Thomson, and Innovation Asset


  • Strategic Portfolio Management – Maximizing Your Investment – Nancy Hermanson, Kimberly-Clark
  • Internally developing and implementing an IP Management System – Mathew McNeil, Rite-Hite.
  • Survey Results: Inventor Reward and Recognition Program Best Practices – Rob Williamson, ipPerformance Group

Roundtable Discussions

  • Why and How to manage your IP Portfolio
  • Strategically Developing Effective IP Measures Developing IP Strategies and Tactics
  • Managing the Inventor Recognition & Reward Program Effectiveness
  • What is the objective of the patent committee, what decisions do they make, and how do they communicate findings?
  • Innovation and IP – how are they linked?
  • IP protection strategies in emerging geographies
  • Tailoring a message to Senior Management/Leadership

ipLeadership Exchange – Spring 2008

Dates: May 15-16

Location: Hyatt Lodge at McDonalds in Oakbrook, IL

Theme: Strategic Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Leadership and Effective IP Management Including

IP Analytics Tools Comparative “Shoot-Out” Participating and Sponsor Vendors: CPA, Innography, Patent Cafe, Oval Ideas, Inspherion, Spark IP


  • Balanced Innovation Strategy – A Positive Approach to Proprietary and Open Collaborative Strategies – Bill McGinnis, IP Law Site Counsel, IBM IP
  • Operations – Achieve Business Value Results – Rich Rodrick, Chief Patent Counsel, S.C. Johnson & Son
  • IP Analytics – Using IP Analytics to Develop and Maintain an Effective Strategy – Leigh English, IP Strategist, Monsanto
  • One Year After KSR v. TELEFLEX – Chris Goff, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale

Benchmark Reviews

– Inventor Recognition Programs (Preliminary) – IP Analytics

Discussions & Workshops

Developing Effective IP Strategies and Plans Building an IP Performance Measures Scorecard

ipLeadership Exchange – Fall 2007

Dates: November 18-19 Location: Hosted at Moen, Cleveland, OH

Theme: Developing and Managing Effective IP Strategies


  • IP Management at Moen – Lee Mercer, IP Manager, Moen
  • Expanding Innovation: Integrating Internal and External R&D Into Ingenious Solutions – Sharon Grosh, Director Strategic IAM, 3M
  • Patent Strategy at DSM-Mirror Image of Business Strategy in Content and Process – Dr. Dietmar Pressner, General Patent Counsel, DSM Nutritional
  • Products “Go to Market” Speed and its Impact on Your Company’s Use of Outside Innovations – Chrysso Sarkos Sarris, Senior Counsel, Fortune Brands
  • Implications of KSR International – Rich Bridge, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale LLP
  • Patent Department Operations Benchmark – Review – Rob Williamson, ipPerformance Group

Discussion & Workshops

  • Developing IP Strategy and Plan, including Roles and Responsibilities
  • Developing an IP Performance Scorecard IP Management Tools. . . Beyond Docketing
  • Developing and deploying an effective IP Training/Education
  • Program Developing IP Management Value Propositions

ipLeadership Exchange – Spring 2007

Dates: April 18-19 Location: Hosted at Kimberly-Clark in Roswell, GA

Theme: Valuing and Promoting IP in Your Organization Visualize, Manage, Measure, and Promote


  • Developing an IP Metrics Scorecard and Dashboard – Rob Williamson, ipPerformance Group
  • Aligning Innovation and Intellectual Property – Bob Black, Chief Strategy Officer, Kimberly-Clark
  • (Keynote) IP Management at Kimberly-Clark – Nick Leach, VP, Chief IP Counsel, Kimberly-Clark
  • How IP Metrics Drive Business Decisions – Dan Alderman, Intellectual Capital Manager, Dow Chemical
  • Extending IP Performance, Using Innovation to Drive Collaborative Strategies – Joe O’Shea, Chief Innovation Officer, GE Licensing and Trading
  • Leveraging Patents in a Diversified Organization – Tom Brainard, Division Counsel, Abbott Nutrition & Global Consumer
  • Patent Strategy Patent Metrics for the Patent Life Cycle. – Kent Richardson, VP of Intellectual Property, Rambus
  • Patent Enforcement Analysis and the Interplay Between Counsel, Business People, and Patent Strategists) – Chris Goff, Partner, Senniger Powers
  • IP Proficiency Indicators – Measuring the Effectiveness of Your IP Program

Discussions & Workshops

  • Methods to Gain Management Support (including communicating successes)
  • Measuring the value and impact of IP Management Programs and Activities (including clearance process, no cost – cross-license, risk avoidance, etc.)
  • Developing better IP Management Practices for a sustainable program and continuous improvement Encouraging Innovation
  • Developing an IP Management Value Proposition for each Business Stakeholder

ipLeadership Exchange – Fall 2006

Date: September 13 Location: Hosted at Motorola in Schaumburg, IL Strategic IP Management 2006 Leadership Conference (SIPM 2006) Theme: Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Leadership and Effective IP Management


  • Motorola’s Intellectual Property Program Jon Meyer, Senior VP, Law,
  • IP – Motorola Innovation and Intellectual Property – Gary Grube, Motorola Senior Fellow (Keynote)
  • Results of Strategic IP Management Benchmark – Rob Williamson, ipPerformance Group Intellectual Asset Management,
  • Managing Change – Herb Klotz, Director, IAM Air Products and Chemicals
  • Turning Technology into Ingenious Solutions through external sources – Sharon Grosh, Director Strategic Intellectual Asset Management, 3M
  • Dealing with Disruptive Innovation – Jeff Lindsay, Corporate Patent Strategist, Kimberly Clark


  • Turning Intellectual Property Advocacy into Action Working with Middle Management and Selling Top Management
  • Objective IP Measures Measuring IP impact Operational effectiveness measures
  • Encouraging Innovation Impact of Recognition Program (How companies recognize innovation)
  • Leveraging Third Innovations Acquisition strategies (licensing-in)
  • Managing the relationship Ad-hoc or integral to the plan and execution of R&D